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Now for the bad news . . . the property was just raw land and the low prices attracted the sort of people well known for
jEWING you down”, “gyping people”, “penny pinching” and being lowlife, whining “cheapskates” all of which of course also
tend to be liars and frauds. Hence one of the 2 HOAs has been intentionally subverted by a sect of these worthless turds who
have harmed the entire project and decreased the value of everyone’s property. (See the “Photos” for that) This was done by
way of outright FRAUD by Lisa Wills who swore to the Secretary of State that she had the right to take over the homeowner’s
association from me, David Allender while I was still acting as the “Declarant” of the Association. Anyone can see she obviously
didn’t have such a right as clearly proven below from the CC&Rs because I hadn’t sold my last lot with my house on it nor did I
terminate my position!!!
1.5.7 “Declarant Control Period” shall mean the period of time from the date of recording of this Declaration until one (1) year
after the date upon which all of the Lots and any other portion of the Project (excluding Common Areas) that are subject to this Declaration have been sold,
or any earlier period as may be agreed to by Declarant. A partial delegation of authority by Declarant of any of its management duties described in the Declaration shall not terminate the Declarant Control Period.
See that actual paragraph as filed with the Chelan County Assessor in the “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” (CC&Rs)
for Joe Creek Retreat for download HERE
. These degenerate frauds and the bogus association also now owe me David
Allender over $8,000 for equipment rentals, roadwork, maintenance, improvements and snow removal I have performed for
the association at my sole cost over the last 3 years. This group of back stabbing, welshing, double talking filth includes;
VIRGIL & CHERYL KOCHER of 3610 Red Ceder Ct SE, Lacey (parcel A)
SCOTT & CARLA FLEMING of 3021 SW Trenton, Seattle (parcel G)
BRIAN JOHNSON of 10570 Sirocco Circle NW, Silverdale (parcel H)
DAVID & MELISSA MESSERSCHMIDT of 1505 Hellyn Place, Bellingham (parcel K)
All of those shit for brained idiots follow one particularly foul little piece of excrement named LISA WILLS of 4862 SW Daisy St
in Port Orchard
(parcel D) who thinks letting things go to crap while allowing illegal, dangerous, environmentally toxic and
visually offensive structures be built is good for Joe Creek Retreat. She also thinks unnecessarily spending over $10,000 on
attorneys to bilk everyone out of their money for absolutely no good reason whatsoever is a good way to run a housing
association. Many don’t know it yet but the turds of which I speak are of the same psychotic ethno/religo pile of waste who
own the FED, all major TV/Radio Stations, Newspapers and Magazines as well as Hollywood, Disney, the Porn Industry and all
the major websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube and etc. propaganda outlets. You can
learn all about them at the sites mentioned above!
All of that said, no turds are going to be around for very much longer because by the grace of YHWH and Yeshua, we’re going
to retake our country and world back from their psychotic and disgusting little tribe via the incredible organizations created
with monies they paid to us, David Allender and Peggy Star!!! Click on the “ITSASIGN” Banner At the top of this page to
Learn All About What’s Going to Begin Happening to Them Soon!
But There is Good News! (For We The People) All 15 Parcels of Raw Land Were Sold
and the Money, About $675,000, Was Successfully Used to Build,, and ITSASIGN.COM!